Summer’s Here

It’s estimated that around 2 million people in the UK suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, known commonly as SAD. Feeling down, depressed or lethargic as a result of changes in the seasons and weather conditions, most prominently during winter months, can also be referred to as the January Blues.


SAD is diagnosed through symptoms similar to clinical depression, however it is often not perceived to be as serious and is known to commonly affect individuals in short bouts or waves. Given the disorder is often undiagnosed, it is hard to determine how employers can better cater to the changing needs of their teams.

SAD web-20.png

So, how do we deal with this at the workplace?

Summer is often thought of as a time in which creativity spikes, music and the arts, for instance, have a particular resonance with summer months. It is of course impossible to know if this is due to the lift in mood that better weather can bring, but perhaps we should pay closer attention to the impact of the seasons on our teams' output at different points during the year.

Summer’s Here Festival is a NewEdge concept brand that speaks to our experiences with SAD at the workplace